Mentoring for Entertainers

#secretsofthestreets/1. Hi. So I am back with my series called SECRETS OF THE STREETS, which is about empowering young entertainers

#secretsofthestreets/2. One had quite a lot to do with getting the Teju Babyface Show back on TV so there was hardly any time left to do this

#secretsofthestreets/3. But, all thanks to God, the show returned last night to LTV, while TVC, HipTV and other stations follow this weekend

#secretsofthestreets/4. And that is where my counsel this morning takes flight. The show last night serves as the baseline from which we achieve propulsion

#secretsofthestreets/5. As you know, I spoke to my mentor @lekealder on the show yesterday. It was awesome! (Even if I do say so myself)

#secretsofthestreets/6 Trust me, what you saw on TV was about half of our interaction. It was all we could do to cut it all down to just an hour

#secretsofthestreets/7. Mentorship in the Entertainment Industry is such a vast subject that it would require more than a few tweets to cover it

#secretsofthestreets/8. To that degree, I will teach more about it during my coaching sessions for young entertainers, which start soon

#secretsofthestreets/9. The impact that mentors have had on my life and career cannot be overstated and you better believe you need to find one!

#secretsofthestreets/10. But how does one attract the attention of a man such as @lekealder? How do you pull off such a stunt?

#secretsofthestreets/11. Many people want to get close to the likes of @lekealder, so how do you get that type of person to be your mentor?

#secretsofthestreets/12. Well, as @lekealder himself said on the show yesterday, those happenings are divine orchestrations of Omniscience

#secretsofthestreets/13. Which is to say ‘Oluwa is involved’. It literally takes God to connect you to your Principal Mentors in life

#secretsofthestreets/14. When I think back on my career journey so far, you can’t but see the fingerprints of God all over my life

#secretsofthestreets/15. Because as I said on the show last night, @lekealder was the one who made me the offer of a lifetime to mentor me

#secretsofthestreets/16. So, what do you do to get God to let your very successful mentor (to) take interest in your matter?

#secretsofthestreets/17. Well, if I had to reduce it all to one piece of counsel in this particular treatise, it would be ‘ASK GOD’

#secretsofthestreets/18. I don’t know what your religious persuasion is but if your idea is that ‘life just happens jare’, ah, your road will be tough!

#secretsofthestreets/19. Whether you believe it or not, there are forces at play in the matters of success that your ordinary eyes cannot see

#secretsofthestreets/20. The sooner you choose which power you are going to subscribe to, the better for you. Personally, I would err on God’s side

#secretsofthestreets/21. But if you think you are just going to swagger up and take territories in the industry without ‘backing’ you are in for a shock!

#secretsofthestreets/22. I can tell you categorically that my link with @lekealder all those years ago was a divine answer to my supplications

#secretsofthestreets/23. In other words, I had been pursuing God for a while to ‘please take me to the next level’. (Back then, I was tired of languishing in the back waters of the entertainment industry. Just hustling without tangible results)

#secretsofthestreets/24. Of course at that time, I didn’t know that He would answer the question by sending me to @lekealder for mentorship

#secretsofthestreets/25. I had assumed that God was going to wave a magic wand and send me money or sponsorship for my stage shows or some big events to MC

#secretsofthestreets/26. But God is cool like that. He answers your prayers in different ways than you thought. Remember that song, “God will make a way”?

#secretsofthestreets/27. How He works in ways we cannot see? That’s His most preferred modus operandi. His ways are not our ways after all!

#secretsofthestreets/28. I asked for promotion and he sends me a mentor! But even in my naiveté back then, I knew it was a destiny meeting

#secretsofthestreets/29. So, if it is your desire to achieve success in entertainment, you better start pursuing God for a mentor

#secretsofthestreets/30. Of course God can do it anyway He likes but I have found that he favors the pursuit & acquisition of Wisdom

#secretsofthestreets/31. And wisdom is at the very heart of mentorship. That’s why God sends you a mentor. So you can get wisdom

#secretsofthestreets/32. Oh, I know you thought mentorship was all about getting the ‘tips’ to succeed in your industry. You know, the ‘key’

#secretsofthestreets/33. Actually, it is, but taken as a whole, mentorship is much more than that. God uses mentors to teach you many things

#secretsofthestreets/34. Some people may have had bad experiences with unscrupulous mentors but that doesn’t in anyway invalidate the principle

#secretsofthestreets/35. That you picked a sour grape doesn’t mean all the grapes on the platter will set your teeth on edge. Did you ask God?

#secretsofthestreets/36. So, many thanks to God for linking me to @lekealder and many thanks to @lekealder for listening to God

#secretsofthestreets/37. After all, @lekealder could have formed ‘I am too busy to mentor anybody’. That’s instructive for successful people to know. GIVE BACK!

#secretsofthestreets/38. That’s that for now. Thanks for reading. Signing out, King of Talk.


  • Tolulope Reply

    Hmmm… ‘o deep gan’. The need for a mentor has been my chief desire for some time now. I have a number of role models, whom I deeply admire. I just need one of such people to be my mentor. Oh, how I long for a mentor! I have asked God to give me one, and I believe He will, soon.
    Thanks for sharing this highly informative piece sir.

  • Silas Reply

    I’m so excited sir for this platform, looking forward to an awesome learning experience here and also acting out what is being learnt.

  • Victoria Reply

    Mentoring is one aspect of success a lot of people do not even know about, thanks for the likes of you who don’t spare bringing this to the fore all of the times. God bless you sir

  • Sam Adenuga Reply

    I Am very grateful by your words and messages; Its like mirror i sees every day of my life. Thank you sir.

  • Abraham whyte RC Reply

    This has really been awesome… Thanks so much sir.. Welcome back

  • Abine Israel Reply

    Thank for this luxury advice to trust and ask God for a “God sent” mentor.

  • sesan oguntade Reply

    Thanks for this. Sometimes i am amazed about how practical you can be mot times. Saying it just the way it is. thank you once again.

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